Manual, A City for All, in now available in AUTOCAD and 3D google sketchup
Available, and I authorize the downloading of the manual A CITY FOR ALL, Autocad Version 2004, 2010 and 3d Google sketchup.
What is diversity and inclusion?
Diversity and Inclusion is about creating a work place culture that helps deliver our Strategic Intent commitments to our people by enabling each and every employee to make a difference and teams to win. It is more than just policies, initiatives and processes; it is about how we do work with each other and our stakeholders. Put simply:

Diversity means all the ways in which people differ, including both visible and underlying cultural and thinking styles.

Inclusion is about making each individual feel valued for what they bring to the organisation. This means providing a work place climate that enables everyone to fulfil their potential and broadening people's perspectives to appreciate and productively maximise the different contributions that different people can make.

Based on external best practice and research there are many strands that define diversity which include: age, gender, employee status, physical ability, religion &belief, culture, family status, physical appearance, sexual orientation, disability, nationality, rate/ethnicity and thinking style.

Standard Chartered Bank has found in “a city for all” an opportunity to sponsor and educate individuals and companies on how to build infrastructure that is available for all. Sonia Verswyvel, through her website and, aims to accomplish this task, enabling all types of entities and individuals to access information that will enable them to build a city that is comfortable for disabled individuals without limitations. Through the website, we expect to support the understanding and education of thousands of people on how to build infrastructure available to all.
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